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In 2004, I purchased my first digital camera, entered the Master of Interdisciplinary Arts program at Virginia Commonwealth University, and took my first trip to Europe. Armed with my new "toy", I began taking digital imagery of places that are meaningful to me. The body of my work is based on the place where I live, enchanting places I have visited, and those tender places in my heart.

I have always been curious about where my father was born, so Austria was one of the first places I visited in Europe. I was in awe of Austria's natural beauty -- the vivid greens of the landscape took my breath away. The atmospheric sky in Hallstatt filled with those ever changing low hovering clouds cast a spell on me. The colorful and exquisite baroque architecture in Salzburg filled me with a sense of happiness. Every structure had window boxes overflowing with fragrant flowers.

I also fell madly in love with Paris. It seems like every time I turned a corner or strolled across the Seine River on one of those many lovely bridges, I was in some new wonderful place-heightening all of my senses. There were classical musicians performing everywhere, even on the Metro. Between the delicious morning croissants and the nightly spontaneous dancing along the Seine, I tried to capture all of liveliness of Paris with my camera.

I have discovered beautiful places and added my special magic to them on the computer. I try to convey that same magical feeling in my imagery that I experienced when first encountered these places.

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